Man with sign

I was wondering round Piccadilly circus when i came across a man handing out leaflets for a restaurant .  As I was in such a busy part of London I didn’t actually read the sign the man was wearing around his neck until after i hand taken the photo.  The type is clear and quite simple to read, as the type is red it also stands out in front of his blue clothes. However I don’t think it’s visually appealing, it doesn’t make me want to go eat there.






Naked man advertising

Its clear that this man went to a lot more effort with his advertising. He was standing on the fourth plinth in trafalgar square for an hour, yet he went to all that trouble when hardly anyone could read his type. The type states “And now… some shameless Advertising…” The type is boring and dull and its readability was poor as it was from such a height.







Giant bullet

I really liked the look of this building, its very stylish and modern, and i like the way the windows spiral around the building. I also really like the shape of it as it looks like a giant bullet placed in the middle of London!


1st Blog!

This is new. Just set up my first blog, this is more of a little tester! Just thought I would say hello, don’t worry academic work will soon follow!